Port Said

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Egypt Tumult Rages a 5th Day

Opposition rejects Morsi's call for a dialogue

(Newser) - Despite President Mohamed Morsi declaring a state of emergency yesterday, protests are raging in Cairo and other parts of Egypt for a fifth consecutive day today, the New York Times reports. Marchers in Port Said, one of three provinces where Morsi declared a curfew, said they no longer recognize his... More »

Egypt Soccer Fans Riot Again

1 dead as club fans protest punishment from previous riot

(Newser) - After an Egyptian soccer club was suspended yesterday because its fans rioted in February, the club's supporters responded by rioting again, reports the AP . One person was killed and dozens injured. Soccer team Al-Masry, located in Port Said, got suspended for two seasons and had its stadium closed for... More »

Egyptians Blast Military for Deadly Soccer Rampage

Security stood by to let violence escalate, say Parliament leaders

(Newser) - Egyptian politicians and activists are blaming the military for the world's deadliest soccer rampage in 15 years, which claimed the lives of 74 and injured more than 1,000 people . Leaders of the new Parliament accused the military-led government of deliberately allowing the violence at the Port Said match... More »

3 Stories