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Fishermen Slaughter One of the World's Largest Animals

Whale shark's killing sparks outcry in China

(Newser) - People around the world have taken to social media to rant about the killing of a whale shark off the coast of China a couple weeks ago—and while two fishermen have been arrested after selling it at market, it's unclear whether they'll be punished, reports Fusion . The... More »

World's Biggest Sharks Find a New Home

Whale sharks move near Azore Islands, likely due to climate change

(Newser) - Those hoping to avoid the world's biggest sharks would do well to stay away from Portugal's Azore Islands. That's where whale sharks—the biggest fish in the sea—are making a new home, likely due to climate change, a study finds. The creatures have a very specific... More »

World's Biggest Shark Slaughterhouse Exposed

China factory turns whale sharks into fish oil

(Newser) - Huge numbers of sharks from endangered species are being slaughtered and turned into products including health supplements at a giant slaughterhouse in China, a conservation group has discovered. Investigators from WildLifeRisk found that more than 600 whale sharks are slaughtered at the factory every year, along with large numbers of... More »

Big Catch in Pakistan: Giant Whale Shark

35-foot creature weighed as much as 7 tons

(Newser) - A photo is worth 1,000 words ... or 14,000 pounds, in the case of unbelievable images out of Pakistan. The Express Tribune reports that a 35-foot whale shark was found dead in the Arabian Sea and hauled to the Karachi harbor yesterday, where two small cranes attempted to hoist... More »

4 Stories