Red White and Blue fund

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Super PAC Leaders Paying Themselves Handsomely

Santorum PAC head Nick Ryan funnels $570K to his business

(Newser) - Super PAC leaders have found a great use for all the unbridled cash pouring into their campaigns: paying themselves. The pro-Rick Santorum Red White and Blue Fund may be the most egregious offender; according to the LA Times , it paid $570,000 last month—a third of its total expenditures—... More »

Santorum Raises $1M in 24 Hours

Billionaire Foster Friess backing pro-Rick super PAC

(Newser) - He'll probably never be able to beat Mitt Romney in a money fight, but more cash has been coming Rick Santorum's way since his surprise triple win Tuesday night. Santorum's campaign says it raised $1 million after the wins in Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri, with $800,000... More »

2 Stories