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Elementary Kids Expelled for Trying to Poison Teacher

Teachers, parents think the punishment doesn't fit the crime

(Newser) - Three students who admitted putting rat poison in their teacher's coffee are being punished ... by being sent to other schools. The 10- and 11-year-old kids are accused of putting poison in the coffee as well as in the icing of a cupcake in December at California's Balderas Elementary... More »

Expelling Kid, 6, for Touching Teacher Was Wrong: Judge

Boy expelled from kindergarten class for touching teacher's thigh

(Newser) - A kindergartner should not have been expelled for touching his teacher's thigh, a Philadelphia judge has ruled. The judge believes the 6-year-old student was simply sympathizing with his teacher after she said her legs hurt: "I wanted to make them feel better," the boy said, as reported... More »

After Dustup, N. Korea Boots Nuke Inspectors

(Newser) - Following a UN reprimand—and North Korea’s indignant exit from multilateral talks on its nuclear program—Pyongyang has expelled international inspectors, the Wall Street Journal reports. The International Atomic Energy Agency will announce the move shortly. North Korea called the UN statement an “unbearable insult,” but some... More »

Expelled Girl Sues Prep School, Alleges Cult

Case provides look inside glamorized world

(Newser) - It’s a tale worthy of Gossip Girl: A popular student at a posh prep school who was expelled says she was harassed by a secret society of girls that the school and alumnae deny exists anymore. But ex-student Tatum Bass is slapping Ms Porter's with an all-too-real lawsuit, alleging... More »

Calif. Court Rules School Can Expel Lesbian Kids

Private body not ruled by discrimination laws

(Newser) - A California court has ruled that a private school's expulsion of two girls for "conducting themselves in a manner consistent with being lesbians" was lawful, the Los Angeles Times reports. The court decided the religious school did not count as a business and was therefore exempt from discrimination... More »

House Moves to Expel Accused Congressman

Louisiana Democrat charged with bribery, extortion

(Newser) - Pressure mounted on William Jefferson to resign from the House yesterday as leaders of both parties piled on in the wake of his indictment on corruption, racketeering and bribery charges. Republicans moved to initiate proceedings to have the Louisiana Democrat, expelled—which, Dems noted, they did not do when GOP... More »

6 Stories