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Colbert: How I Spent $773K in Super PAC Cash

It went to charity. It's what Ham Rove would have wanted

(Newser) - Legally, Stephen Colbert doesn't have to tell you what happened to the funds his super PAC raised, but last night he went ahead and did so anyway. Turns out the $773,704.83 was "anonymously" donated to the Ham Rove Memorial Fund, of which Colbert is, of course,... More »

Colbert Quits Super PAC Game

But learns how to keep the money

(Newser) - Stephen Colbert spent a lot of time hawking his super PAC, but in the end, he admits it was all for naught. And after taking all that money from "anonymous, scary donors," Colbert feared repercussions, he said on last night's Colbert Report. After trying to blame his... More »

Colbert-Inspired Super PACs Break Out Nationwide

Stephen Colbert's PAC motivates America's college students

(Newser) - Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, has spawned a new breed of nutty super PAC imitators, CNN reports. College students inspired by Stephen Colbert's super PAC experiment are finding that a stamp and a few pieces of paper suffice to start a political action committee. "I was just... More »

Colbert's PAC Woos More Texans Than Romney's

Scores 15 donors of more than $200

(Newser) - Stephen Colbert may not have won any primaries, but he's beaten Mitt Romney by at least one measure. Colbert's super PAC received $200-plus donations from 17 Texans, compared to 15 for Mitt Romney, the Houston Chronicle reports. The Supreme Court ruling that paved the way for super PACs... More »

Nancy Pelosi Lobs Attack Ad at Colbert

Joke ad meant to drum up DISCLOSE Act support

(Newser) - Nancy Pelosi is trying to drum up support for the long-languishing DISCLOSE Act, and she's found the perfect foil: Stephen Colbert. "Stephen Colbert used to be my friend," she says in a new YouTube ad. "But since the day he started his super PAC, taking secret... More »

5 Stories