Maine caucuses

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Sanders Wins in Maine

He notches another victory as he debates Clinton

(Newser) - As Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton began debating in Michigan, Sanders got some good news from Maine: He's been declared the winner in the state's caucuses on Sunday, reports AP . That's the third state victory for Sanders this weekend and his eighth overall, with Politico noting that... More »

Ron Paul Wins Majority of Maine, Nevada Delegates

Texan's supporters take over state conventions

(Newser) - Mitt Romney has a lead that can't be beaten but the GOP race still isn't over—at least not for Ron Paul and his supporters. The Texan's supporters took over Maine's GOP convention on the weekend and won 21 of the state's 24 delegates to... More »

Ron Paul Slams 'War on Drugs'

Plus, Maine's caucus outcome could change

(Newser) - Ron Paul, on a swing through Western states, showed an enthusiastic Seattle crowd why he is a GOP candidate like no other. He decried the "war on drugs," saying "we are allowed to deal with our eternity and all that we believe in spiritually, and if we'... More »

Romney Might Lose Maine After All

One last county to vote tomorrow

(Newser) - Much like his "victory" in Iowa, reports of Mitt Romney's victory in Maine may have been premature— this time because the caucus isn't actually over. The state has decided to let one last county vote tomorrow, the New York Times reports, and since less than 200 votes... More »

Romney Edges Ron Paul in Maine Caucus

Ron Paul takes a close second, Santorum third

(Newser) - Mitt's having the quite the day: After winning the CPAC straw poll , Romney won Maine's so-called "lazy caucus" today with 39% of the vote, NBC Politics reports. His 2,190 total votes gave him a narrow victory over Ron Paul, who took second with 1,996 votes... More »

Ron Paul: I've Got 'Good Chance' in Maine

Romney also in the state pushing for votes tonight

(Newser) - The GOP chairman in Maine thinks tonight's results from a straw poll linked to caucuses will be close—as in fewer than 200 votes separating Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, reports the Kennebec Journal . He's just not predicting which candidate will finish on top. It's a nonbinding... More »

Maine Caucus: Ron Paul Might Actually Win a State

Unpredictable low-turnout contest favors Paul's unconventional campaign

(Newser) - Tomorrow might be the day Ron Paul supporters have been waiting for: the day the Texas libertarian actually wins a state. Of course, that state would be Maine, which is holding a non-binding caucus that's expected to draw only a few thousand people, but it would still represent a... More »

7 Stories