Greek riots

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Protesters Storm Greek Conference, Throw Coffee

They were angry over presence of German officials

(Newser) - Dozens of anti-austerity protesters broke into a conference center in northern Greece and clashed with police today to demonstrate against the presence of a German government official. The protesting municipal workers pushed and threw coffee on a German consul in Thessaloniki, Wolfgang Hoelsche-Obermaier, who arrived to attend a conference of... More »

Greek Cops Accused of Abusing Protesters

Riot police used woman as human shield, witnesses say

(Newser) - Greek authorities are probing allegations that police officers—some with links to the far-right Golden Dawn party—have been abusing protesters, the Guardian reports. During the protests that greeted Angela Merkel earlier this week, witnesses reported seeing a handcuffed young woman being used as a "human shield" by riot... More »

77-Year-Old's Suicide Fuels Greek Fury

Protesters clashed with riot police in Athens

(Newser) - The 77-year-old retiree who committed suicide in an Athens square teeming with commuters yesterday morning did indeed leave a note, in which the former pharmacist explained that he could not face a future that could involve "scavenging through garbage bins for food and becoming a burden to my child.... More »

Greeks Clean Up a Smoldering Athens

But stock market responding positively in early trading

(Newser) - Skirmishes between police and protesters continued in Athens today, and buildings smoldered in the wake of Greece's vote on harsh new austerity measures . As many as 45 buildings have been torched and countless shops looted in the worst Greek rioting in years as 100,000 demonstrators took to the... More »

4 Stories