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President Morsi Pardons Egypt's Protesters

Those in prison or awaiting trail will be set free

(Newser) - Good news for Egypt's revolutionaries: President Mohamed Morsi today pardoned the ones who are awaiting trial or serving time in prison, the BBC reports. Only those accused of murder are excluded. On his Facebook page, Morsi announced the pardon for acts "committed with the aim of supporting the... More »

Defiant Syrians Changing Streetscape —Via Google

Streets renamed in honor of fallen revolutionaries via Map Maker

(Newser) - Defiant Syrians are winning a virtual battle over President Bashar al-Assad. They're eradicating the name Assad from streets and bridges, and renaming them in honor of fallen Syrian rebels—with the help of Google crowdsourcing program Map Maker . The map modifications are believed to be the first time a... More »

2 Stories