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Postal Service Gets First Female Chief

Megan Brennan is the new postmaster general

(Newser) - A woman who started out as a letter carrier in 1986 has risen to become the first female postmaster general, reports Time . Megan Brennan, currently chief operating officer for the US Postal Service, will take over in February. It's no big secret that she's inheriting a troubled agency,... More »

Postal Service's New Pitch: Let's Deliver Booze

USPS wants to get into the beer, wine, and spirits industry

(Newser) - The postal service is so strapped for cash it's kicking around unpopular ideas like ending Saturday delivery , ending door-to-door delivery, and, of course, raising prices . But we're guessing the latest proposal floated by USPS chief Patrick Donahoe won't be unpopular at all: He wants to let mail... More »

USPS Racks Up $5.2B Loss

Service is rapidly running out of cash

(Newser) - The hole in the US Postal Service's finances in the second quarter of this year was so big that it would not have been filled if every American bought a first-class stamp every day for a month. The struggling service has reported a $5.2 billion quarterly loss, and... More »

Stamps Might Hit 50 Cents

Postal Service cites need for quick action from Congress

(Newser) - 50-cent stamps, anyone? That's one of the changes the postmaster-general wants Congress to act on quickly if the service is to survive, reports the Wall Street Journal . That increase of a nickel for a first-class stamp is actually one of the minor proposals from Patrick Donahoe. He also laid... More »

4 Stories