Death Star

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The Death Star's Operational Costs Were Out of This World

A 'cost so high that the numbers sound as fake as Jar-Jar's accent'

(Newser) - That's no moon—it's a wildly expensive, economy-sinking boondoggle of a battle station. British company Ovo Energy wanted to figure out how much it would cost per day to operate the Death Star, so it got a math professor at Dartmouth and an editor of Physics Central to... More »

Empire: Obama Chicken for Killing Death Star Plan

It's 'obvious cowardice': Star Wars blog

(Newser) - Did the White House just make a grave mistake? After the Obama administration rejected a petition to build a Death Star, the Empire—or its tongue-in-cheek representatives here on Earth—offered a statement, reports: "The overwhelming military superiority of the Galactic Empire has been confirmed once again... More »

White House: Sorry, No Death Star

Unless anyone has $850 quadrillion lying around

(Newser) - They got the required number of signatures on their White House petition to warrant an official response, but advocates of building a death star won't be happy. No dice, says the White House . Among the reasons: the $850 quadrillion price tag is a wee bit expensive and "the... More »

Obama Will Have to Respond to Death Star Petition

It crosses 25K vote threshold

(Newser) - It could be the greatest stimulus project of all time—a Death Star. A petition to start work on the Star Wars vessel by 2016 was one of the stranger petitions submitted to the White House's "We the People" website. But now that the Death Star petition has... More »

Students Calculate Price of the Death Star

LeHigh University students determine that yes, there is enough iron on Earth

(Newser) - Just how wealthy would the Empire have to be to build a Death Star? Well, wealthy enough to blow somewhere around $852 quadrillion on metal alone, according to a group of economics students at Lehigh University. How did they get that number? Well, the first Death Star has a reported... More »

5 Stories