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2 French Journalists Finally Get Out of Syria

Injured Edith Bouvier and William Daniels return home

(Newser) - The long journey home ended today for two French journalists trapped for nine days in a besieged Syrian city, an experience one called a "non-stop nightmare." After landing outside Paris where the French president and loved ones awaited them, one was carried from the plane on a stretcher,... More »

Trapped French Journalists Escape Syria

Edith Bouvier, William Daniels arrive in Lebanon

(Newser) - After being trapped for more than a week in Homs, a pair of French journalists have been smuggled out of Syria. "Edith Bouvier and William Daniels are currently safe on Lebanese territory and will within moments be under the protection of our embassy in Beirut," Nicolas Sarkozy told... More »

13 Syrians Killed Saving Injured British Journalist

Paul Conroy smuggled from Homs into Lebanon

(Newser) - The wounded British photographer who was spirited out of the besieged Syrian city of Homs to safety in Lebanon escaped at a terrible cost to the rebels who helped him. Activists say 13 of their number were killed by snipers and shelling in the drive to rescue Paul Conroy and... More »

Syria Deliberately Targeted Journalists

Army doesn't want the story to get out

(Newser) - Syrian troops had vowed to shoot to kill Western reporters when an American and French journalist were targeted yesterday, according to sources. Troops pledged to "kill any journalist who set foot on Syrian soil," the press was warned, reports the Telegraph . Marie Colvin, 56, and French photographer Remi... More »

Slain Journo Was Supposed to Leave Syria Yesterday

She was working on a story, explains her mother

(Newser) - A heartbreaking addendum to the story of Marie Colvin , the American working for Britain's Sunday Times who was killed in Homs today. Her mother tells Newsday that Colvin was due to leave Syria yesterday but opted to stay one more day. "She had a story she felt was... More »

US Journo Dies in 'Sickening' Homs Shelling

Reporter Marie Colvin's last video said, 'I saw a baby die today'

(Newser) - Two veteran war journalists were killed as Syrian government forces shelled the city of Homs, opposition activists say. The pair were named as Marie Colvin, an American working for Britain's Sunday Times, and French photographer Remi Ochlik, Reuters reports. Three other journalists were injured when a shell hit a... More »

6 Stories