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Afghan Colleagues Kill 2 More US Troops

6 US service members have been killed since Koran-burning protests began

(Newser) - Increasingly frightening news out of Afghanistan: Two more US troops died at the hands of their Afghan colleagues today, bringing the death toll of such green-on-blue attacks in the last eight days to six. The service members were killed before dawn at a southern Kandahar base, marking the third such... More »

Koran-Burning Mess Threatens Afghan Exit

Some fear the US can't trust Afghan partners

(Newser) - Afghanistan has roiled with violence for the past week over the Koran burnings at Bagram , leading to questions of whether the American exit strategy will actually work as planned. The US, Britain, Germany, and France temporarily removed hundreds of advisers from Afghanistan over the weekend in the wake of several... More »

Taliban: We Poisoned Food at NATO Base

Taliban claims responsibility for car bomb at Afghan airport, too

(Newser) - At least nine people were killed and 12 injured when a suicide car bomber struck an airport in eastern Afghanistan this morning. The blast killed six civilians, two airport guards, and an Afghan soldier at Jalalabad airport, which is used for both civilian and military flights, the AP reports. The... More »

Rick Santorum: Obama Wrong to Apologize for Korans

Says Afghans are the ones who need to apologize

(Newser) - Afghanistan may still be seething over US troops who burned Korans last week, but Rick Santorum is joining those conservatives taking aim at President Obama's efforts to diffuse the situation. Speaking today on Meet the Press, Santorum slapped at the president's apology over the incident, saying he... More »

Afghans Lob Grenades at US Base, Clashes Continue

Karzai pleads for return to calm

(Newser) - Protesters angry over Korans burned by American troops tossed grenades at a US base in northern Afghanistan and clashed with police and troops in a sixth day of violence that left seven international troops wounded and two Afghans dead. "Tensions are running very high here and I think we... More »

2 US Officers Killed Inside Afghan Ministry

Violence continues after burning of Korans

(Newser) - Two US military officers were shot to death inside the interior ministry building in Kabul today, reports CNN . The Taliban claimed responsibility, saying the killings were in retaliation for the burning of Korans by US troops, notes AP . It's still not clear exactly what happened, but Afghan authorities say... More »

So How Should You Dispose of a Koran?

Bury it or burn it, reverently

(Newser) - Protests raged on in Afghanistan for a fourth day today, with continued cries of "Death to America" over the burning of Korans at Bagram. Earlier reports said the books in question were removed from a prison library at the base because radical messages had been written in them. Which... More »

Koran-Burning Protests Rage for a 4th Day

Gunfire heard as thousands take to streets in Kabul

(Newser) - Protesters are rallying once again to decry the burning of Korans at Bagram, with more shouts of "death to America"—and deaths—throughout the country. The New York Times reports that gunfire was audible as demonstrators assembled at a Kabul mosque following Friday prayers. Another 4,000 people... More »

Gingrich, Palin Blast Obama Apology for Koran Burning

Hamid Karzai should apologize for violence, says Newt

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin are trying to make President Obama sorry he apologized. Obama said he's sorry for an a "inadvertent" Koran-burning incident on a US military base in Afghanistan that has sparked days of rioting and resulted in the death of two American soldiers. But Gingrich... More »

2 US Troops Shot Dead Over Koran Burning

As President Obama formally apologizes for the incident

(Newser) - The Koran-burning protests sweeping Afghanistan have claimed American lives, a source tells CBS News, which reports that two US troops were shot dead this morning by "an individual wearing an Afghan National Army uniform." Four more were wounded in the attack, which occurred in the eastern Nangahar province... More »

4 Dead as Koran Protests Rage

Afghan protesters set fire to American contractors' housing compound

(Newser) - At least four people were killed and dozens wounded today as protests over the burning of copies of the Koran at Bagram Air Force Base swept across Afghanistan. Police shot and killed two demonstrators outside of Bagram, and one each in Logar Province and Kabul, Reuters reports. In the capital,... More »

Afghans Storm Bagram Over Koran Burning

Afghans outraged over reported desecration of holy book

(Newser) - Throngs of protesters rushed to the US base in Bagram, Afghanistan, this morning, following a report that troops there had allegedly burned a number of Korans. Police estimate that more than 3,000 took part in the demonstration, hurling rocks through windows and chanting, "long live Islam" and "... More »

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