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Company Gets Patent for 12-Mile-High Space Elevator

Canadian company Thoth gets a patent for a 12-mile-high tower into space

(Newser) - A Canadian company best known for building tiny objects suitable for outer space has just earned a US patent on something distinctly grander: a 12-mile-high inflatable space elevator held up not by cables but by pressurized segments, reports . That's more than 20 times taller than the world’... More »

Japanese Firm Plans Space Elevator

Mammoth device would carry passengers more than 22K miles into the sky

(Newser) - Obayashi Corp. likes building tall towers—it's days from completing a 2,080-foot skyscraper in Tokyo— and now it's working on the granddaddy of them all: A "space elevator" that could carry people 22,370 miles into the air. On Monday, the company announced that it was... More »

2 Stories