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This Looks Like a Job for the Neocons

Time for America to start flexing its muscles instead of making deals

(Newser) - Neoconservatives are making a comeback and it's about time, writes Bret Stephens. They're back "because Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Il, and Vladimir Putin never went away," Stephens writes in the Wall Street Journal, and because the world wants America to use its strength to stop Iran and North... More »

Counterculture Made Kristol an Ex-Liberal

Fear of post-'60s 'moral crisis' spurred neocon's shift right

(Newser) - "Neoconservative" was originally a label applied to newly conservative ex-liberals and Irving Kristol, the late godfather of the movement, was among the first and finest of the kind, E. J. Dionne writes in the Washington Post. Kristol made a powerful case for "pragmatic liberalist" when he was still... More »

Neocon Founder Kristol Dead at 89

A former liberal, he sparked ideas behind the Reagan Revolution

(Newser) - Irving Kristol, the "godfather" of neoconservatism and a key intellectual force behind the Reagan Revolution, died today from lung cancer in Arlington, Va., the Washington Post reports. He was 89. Once a New York liberal, Kristol grew disaffected with liberalism in the 1940s and founded conservative magazines like... More »

How Stewart Wins Over Neocons

Lefty comedian ready to listen to the other side

(Newser) - Jon Stewart’s liberal inclinations don't stop him from booking voices from the far right on the Daily Show—and they give glowing reviews of their experiences, New York magazine reports. A former GOP spokesman was leery of appearing on the program to discuss torture; pundit Bill Kristol encouraged him.... More »

Hand of US Neocons Seen Behind Irish 'No'

Some suggest meddling in referendum that has Europe in disarray

(Newser) - Pro-Europeans are claiming that American neoconservatives helped bankroll an effort to convince Irish voters to reject a key treaty, Der Spiegel reports. "Europe has powerful enemies on the other side of the Atlantic, gifted with considerable financial means," a French minister said after Ireland's thumbs-down roiled the continent.... More »

The Tug of War Over John McCain's Soul

Neocons, pragmatists battle for influence with Republican candidate

(Newser) - Republican “pragmatists” are growing uneasy seeing John McCain consorting with prominent neoconservatives, the New York Times reports. They fear McCain’s foreign policy isn’t as crystallized as it seems, and could be influenced by neocon advisers like John Bolton. “It might be too strong to say a... More »

Pundits Spar Over McCain as Dubya Redux

Righty says speech shows foreign policy shift; lefty has deja vu

(Newser) - John McCain’s foreign-policy address Wednesday split watchers, with David Brooks, in the New York Times, declaring the Republican candidate a breath of fresh air and Glenn Greenwald, in Salon, seeing four more years of George W. Bush. Brooks says the “personal, nuanced and ambitious speech” shows McCain to... More »

Pardon Me?

Will Bush let a former caporegime off the hook for old time's sake?

(Newser) - Yesterday's steep sentence for Scooter Libby is forcing Bush's hand on a possible pardon for the convicted perjurer. Judge Reggie Walton probably won't let Cheney's former chief of staff remain free pending appeals, WaPo reports, so the president is short on time if he wants to spare a close and... More »

Klein: War on Terror Has Hurt Israel

Hawks in the Bush administration were pro-Israel, but the results weren't

(Newser) - "As a Jew, I am embarrassed by the role that so many prominent Jews have had in empowering the enemy," Joe Klein writes in a blog from Jerusalem, noting the number of neoconservatives in the Bush  war machine who had close ties to the Israeli government. Klein says... More »

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