Tommy Jordan

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Laptop-Shooting Aftermath: Dad Gets 1K Emails a Day

Tommy Jordan, daughter Hannah Marie appear on 'Today'

(Newser) - Life has "changed a lot" since Tommy Jordan shot up his daughter's laptop and gained immediate infamy, and the dad says his family has been under "a lot of scrutiny" for the past month. But despite the fact that, "in hindsight," it may have been... More »

Welcome to the 'End of Shame'

Laptop-shooting dad heralds a new era: Meghan Daum

(Newser) - Remember the dad who shot up his daughter's laptop, posted the video on YouTube , and set off a fevered debate on why he was either the best or worst parent in the world? At the Los Angeles Times , Meghan Daum isn't much interested in hashing out those "... More »

2 Stories