Prince Bandar

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Saudis Killed Arms Probe Under Blair

Prince threatened to withhold terror info; predicted 'another 7/7'

(Newser) - The Saudi royal family threatened to withhold information about planned terrorist attacks on London unless British authorities suspended an investigation into corrupt arms deals, court documents show. Prince Bandar flew to London in December 2006 to warn investigators they faced "another 7/7," referring to the four bombs that... More »

Saudi Prince Pocketed $2B in Arms Deal

British arms giant BAE said to have paid 'fees' to Bandar for 10 years

(Newser) - Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, the former Saudi ambassador to the US and a close friend of President Bush, allegedly accepted nearly $2 billion from the British arms giant BAE  in connection with an $86-billion arms deal. The Guardian claims the payments, made in $60-million increments over 10 years, through... More »

2 Stories