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US Sent Iran $400M Same Day Americans Were Released

It was coincidence, not ransom, administration says

(Newser) - " Smart diplomacy "—or dollar diplomacy? The US government quietly delivered the equivalent of $400 million in cash to Iran on Jan. 16 this year, the same day that Tehran released four detained American citizens , sources including US officials tell the Wall Street Journal . The cash, which was... More »

Iraq Inks Deal to Buy Arms from Iran

Nouri al-Maliki got tired of US foot-dragging: Iraqi lawmakers

(Newser) - Iran has agreed to sell arms and ammunition worth $195 million to Iraq after Washington apparently hesitated to make an arms deal with Baghdad. According to Reuters , signed documents show that Iran will sell mortar launchers, tank ammunition, light and medium arms, and other weapons—as well as night vision... More »

US Arms Sales Hog 75% of Global Market

Washington's overseas sales tripled last year

(Newser) - America's weapon sales abroad last year skyrocketed to $66.3 billion, triple the 2010 figure of $21.4 billion, according to a nonpartisan report. US sales accounted for more than three-quarters of the $85.3 billion market and marked a record high for sales in a year, blowing away... More »

UN Suspects North Korea Shipped Weapons to Syria

Material going through China: UN report

(Newser) - UN officials fear North Korea may be involved in arms deals with Syria and Burma. Pyongyang "continues actively to defy" UN sanctions, says an unpublished panel report viewed by Reuters that cites "illicit sales of arms and related materiel and luxury goods." According to the report, in... More »

Despite Maliki Crackdown, US Still Selling Arms to Iraq

Iraqi PM hasn't followed through on his end of agreement

(Newser) - The US is charging ahead with an $11 billion arms deal with Iraq, and has even delivered some of the promised fighter jets, tanks, and weapons—even though Nouri al-Maliki has blatantly failed to follow through on an agreement intended to ensure he would not marginalize his Sunni rivals. Indeed,... More »

US Hawking F-15s to Saudis

For the paltry sum of $29.4B

(Newser) - As Iran continues its saber-rattling , the US is responding by beefing up the military might of a regional ally. The Obama administration will announce the sale of $29.4 billion in F-15s to Saudi Arabia, sources tell the AP , in a deal for 84 new jets and upgrades to 70... More »

FBI Considered Sting Against ... Newt?

Washington Post story is a 'hit job,' writes conservative blogger

(Newser) - Most unusual political story of the day: The Washington Post , following up on a story at the DC Bureau blog , reports that the FBI considered a sting operation against Newt Gingrich while he was House speaker but ultimately decided against it because the evidence was too flimsy. It's a... More »

China to US: Cancel Taiwan Arms Deal

...or else relations will be harmed, officials warn

(Newser) - China is harshly denouncing a US arms deal with Taiwan announced yesterday, calling for the US ambassador to China to protest the deal and warning that it will harm US-China ties if it is not canceled. The Obama administration notified Congress of the $5.8 billion plan yesterday; it would... More »

Libyan Rebels: We're Being Armed

Qatar likely sending weapons; trainers likely on the ground

(Newser) - Libyan rebels are getting a little help from abroad in their quest to drive out Moammar Gadhafi, reports the New York Times, with Gen. Abdel Fattah Younes yesterday confirming that his troops had received weapons from nations he wouldn't name. Qatar's emir said Thursday his nation would send... More »

Same Nations Shelling Gadhafi Peddled Him Weapons

Before the uprising, France, UK, Italy and Russia all vied to make sales

(Newser) - Some of the very same European countries now leading the charge to destroy Moammar Gadhafi’s weapons were pushing each other out of the way to sell him those same weapons just months earlier, according to a survey of international arms sales. France, the UK, Russia, and Italy have all... More »

Congress Has Until Midnight to Stop Saudi Arms Deal

...but it probably won't

(Newser) - The United States' $60 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia looks poised to go through, despite misgivings from some pro-Israeli lawmakers. The Defense Department notified lawmakers of the deal last month, giving them 30 days to block or amend it, the AP explains. That window expires tonight at midnight, but... More »

'Merchant of Death' Extradited to US

Russia calls Viktor Bout's extradition 'illegal'

(Newser) - "Merchant of Death" Viktor Bout was extradited to the US today, and his native Russia is none too pleased about that fact. The alleged arms trafficker, accused of selling weapons to groups in Africa, Afghanistan, and South America, was indicted in 2008 of selling arms to a terrorist group... More »

Obama Proposes $60B Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia

Boasts record-setting deal will create jobs

(Newser) - The Obama administration plans to offer Saudi Arabia $60 billion worth of advanced aircraft, in what would be the largest arms deal in US history. The deal may also be expanded by tens of billions more to include naval and missile-defense upgrades, the Wall Street Journal reports. The administration intends... More »

Chávez in Russia for Military Spending Spree

Venezuela recognizes breakaway republics ahead of arms deal talks

(Newser) - Hugo Chávez arrived in Moscow today, where the Venezuelan president is reportedly ready for an arms "shopping spree." Chávez is ready to buy at least 100 tanks for $500 million, reports the Times of London, and a Kremlin aide said Venezuela may get loans for helicopters,... More »

EU Sold Millions in Weapons to Sri Lankan Army

European arms may have been used in civil war atrocities

(Newser) - European Union nations sold millions of dollars worth of arms and military equipment to the Sri Lankan army in the final stages of its 26-year civil war, in which the army has been accused of atrocities. The UK sold the country $22.3 million in armored vehicles and weapons, though... More »

Pentagon to Add 20K Jobs in Arms-Buying Overhaul

Obama says acquisitions program has 'run amok'

(Newser) - The Defense Department will add 20,000 jobs over the next 5 years in an overhaul of its $100 billion weapons-buying process, Reuters reports. New regulations will tie compensation more closely to performance, and the Pentagon will require “real, substantial” tax savings in any multiyear deals, a deputy defense... More »

Russia Snubs US, Sells Arms to Iran

Rice blasts belligerence as Moscow sells surface-to-air missiles

(Newser) - Defying the objections of the United States, Russia has announced plans to sell military hardware to Iran and Venezuela. In the latest escalation of the diplomatic standoff between Russia and the West, the state arms exporter will sell anti-aircraft systems to the two countries, the Times of London reports. "... More »

S. African Court Throws Out Zuma Graft Case

Ruling clears way for leader to become president

(Newser) - A South African court has thrown out a corruption case against Jacob Zuma, effectively clearing the way for him to become president next year. The judge ruled that the charges—including 12 counts of fraud, four of corruption, and one each of racketeering and money laundering—were invalid because he... More »

Iraq's Secret $833M Arms Buy Raises Concern

Purchase from Serbia reveals Baghdad's military woes

(Newser) - A secret arms deal highlights Baghdad's trouble arming its troops and securing Iraq, the New York Times reports. Officials signed the $833 million deal with Serbia last month, without approval in Baghdad—and procured faulty or useless planes, tanks, and other arms. Iraqi Defense Minister Abdul Qadir defended the move,... More »

South African Leader Indicted for Corruption

Lawyer calls charges 'politically motivated'; party crisis intensifies

(Newser) - South African prosecutors hit a new ruling party leader with corruption charges today, threatening his shot at the presidency and risking a prolonged legal and political crisis, the Guardian reports. ANC leader Jacob Zuma was ordered to stand trial next year on charges including racketeering and fraud linked to a... More »

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