Republic of Congo

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'Schindler of Congo' Now Needs Others' Help

Marrion P'Udongo helps orphans, kid soldiers, rape victims—and has bad kidney

(Newser) - Marrion P'Udongo is recognized simply as "pastor" by many and has pulled off a laundry list of heroic acts in the war-torn Republic of the Congo , including assisting child soldiers and rape victims and helping manage an orphanage, per NBC News . His other nickname, the "Schindler of... More »

Peat Bog the Size of England Discovered

Congolese find is some 23 feet deep

(Newser) - The Republic of the Congo is home to a peat bog the size of England—but experts have only just discovered it. "There are parts of the planet that are still uncharted territory," says a scientist involved in the exploration of the site. "Few people venture into... More »

2 Stories