Hank the cat

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Hizzoner? Canadian Cat Runs for Mayor

Tuxedo Stan wants to bring attention to stray cat problem

(Newser) - Tuxedo Stan has gone from a stray on the street to mayoral candidate in Halifax, Canada, the Huffington Post reports. The 3-year-old feline is actually banned from holding office thanks to municipal law, but that's OK because his platform is more about awareness of Halifax's stray cat problem,... More »

Senate Cat Candidate Hounded by Attack Ad

Will Hank insist on ultrasounds before spaying?

(Newser) - Me-ouch. Hank the tabby who's running a spoofy campaign for a Virginia Senate seat had no idea politics could be such a catfight . Hank's already being hit with a dog-eat-dog attack ad firing questions off about his birth certificate, tax returns (he hasn't filed any), alleged use... More »

2 Stories