Hector Xavier Monsegur

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Hacker-Turned-Mole Goes Free

Hector Monsegur, aka Sabu of LulzSec, became an informant

(Newser) - Hector Monsegur might well be the most hated man in the world of hackers these days, but he's also a free man as a result. A judge today let the 30-year-old Monsegur off with 7 months' time served, even though he faced up to 26 years in prison, reports... More »

LulzSec Leader Was Really, Really Eager to Help FBI

'Sabu' readily joined feds, pulled all- nighters for them

(Newser) - LulzSec leader Sabu didn't need to be asked twice to partner with the FBI. When the feds arrested him last June, Hector Xavier Monsegur immediately agreed to work for them, court papers show. He pulled all-nighters to help the government track down fellow top members of hacking groups LulzSec... More »

LulzSec Hackers Nabbed, Thanks to Own Leader

Hector Xavier Monsegur turned witness after the FBI got him

(Newser) - In a twist that sounds custom-made for the movies, agents in the US and UK arrested three LulzSec hackers this morning—thanks to information dished out by their very own leader. Fox News reports that Hector Xavier Monsegur, aka Sabu, turned FBI witness in June after the bureau tracked him... More »

3 Stories