The Road We've Traveled

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Tom Hanks Apologizes for Blackface Video

Conservatives try linking 2004 video to actor's support for Obama

(Newser) - Tom Hanks has apologized for a 2004 video—calling it "hideously offensive"—that shows him and Glenn Frey from the Eagles playfully interacting with a man in blackface at a fundraising event at his son's school, reports the New York Daily News . The video surfaced Tuesday on... More »

New Obama Video Is Pure 'Docu-Ganda'

'Road We've Traveled' is slick, but it's a campaign ad

(Newser) - Just a week after the trailer for the Obama re-election film hit the Internet, the full 17-minute version of The Road We've Traveled is now out on YouTube, reports USA Today . Narrated by Tom Hanks and directed by David Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth), Road is a slick look at... More »

Get Ready for Obama the Movie

David Guggenheim, Tom Hanks involved in 17-minute campaign flick

(Newser) - Based on its trailer, The Road We've Traveled looks like a Hollywood documentary about President Obama's first term in office, boasting impressive talent like Tom Hanks, who provides the voiceover, and Davis Guggenheim, who directed. But watch until the very end and you'll see a screen reading,... More »

3 Stories