Nina Turner

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6 Female Politicians Go After Male Masturbation, Viagra

Bills in 6 states attempt to squeeze male reproductive rights

(Newser) - Female politicians in four other states are joining Ohio and Georgia representatives in a bid to crack down on men's sexual and reproductive freedoms, including access to Viagra and vasectomies. It's their way of striking back against restrictive state abortion laws and attacks on health insurance coverage for... More »

Need Viagra? Ohio Pol Wants Notarized Letter

...from your sex partner, attesting to your impotency

(Newser) - It's certainly not the first bill to be presented as a foil to the abortion- and contraception-related bills coursing through America's legislatures, but it is an amusing one. Ohio Democrat Nina Turner last week introduced Senate Bill 307, which would make getting Viagra a pretty big ordeal. A... More »

2 Stories