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Netflix Now Lets You Watch Offline

New download option ready for some content

(Newser) - Netflix is now providing a free option that users have been asking about for a long time: the ability to watch stuff offline. Not everything is available for download, notes Gizmodo , but big titles such as Orange Is the New Black and Stranger Things are, and more titles are "... More »

Pretty Soon You Might Not Need Internet to Netflix and Chill

Is the streaming giant about to introduce downloading?

(Newser) - Multiple industry insiders tell Light Reading that a major revolution is about to hit Netflix. Well, major as far as watching old episodes of Frasier goes. "My expectation is that by the end of the year Netflix will be launching download-to-go as an option for their customers," one... More »

Japan's Mobile Network Buckles Under Porn Demand

(Newser) - Japan's mammoth 3G wireless network is beginning to buckle as users download world-record amounts of porn, Bloomberg reports. Mobile carriers have been forced to restrict the heaviest users of their "unlimited plans" to prevent outages. Privacy laws prevent the firms from saying what is being downloaded, but porn providers... More »

Coldplay Will Give Concertgoers Free CDs

Live album distributed at all remaining 2009 dates

(Newser) - Coldplay will give away a free copy of its new live CD to every audience member at shows this year, BBC reports. Starting on May 15 in Florida, the band will give fans the nine-track LeftRightLeftRightLeft as a "recession-busting mark of gratitude." The album, which includes live versions... More »

High Traffic Delays Windows 7 Beta Rollout

Company's site crumbles under demand

(Newser) - After promising the world Windows 7 Beta on Wednesday, Microsoft had to pull the plug on its download site due to cripplingly high traffic, CNET reports today. “We are adding some additional infrastructure support,” Microsoft said, “before we post the public beta.” Microsoft hopes to have... More »

Woman May Get New Trial in File-Sharing Conviction

Judge says he gave faulty instructions

(Newser) - The judge who presided over America's first music file-sharing trial might call for a do-over, the AP reports. A Minnesota mom was penalized $222,000 for illegal dowloads last fall, but the judge has since discovered that he may have issued faulty jury instructions. That's because a 1993 ruling said... More »

Record Industry Changes Tune on Copying CDs

Industry argues CD ripping for personal use is illegal

(Newser) - The recording industry has argued in a court brief that individuals who copy music from CDs for personal use are breaking the law, the Washington Post reports. The claim by the Recording Industry Association of America is a dramatic rejection of what had long been considered a Fair Use right... More »

Stairway to iTunes

Reuniting Led Zep bows to demands of download devil, uploads catalogue

(Newser) - Led Zeppelin has joined the digital age, allowing its music to be sold online for the first time shortly before playing a one-off reunion show in November. The essential classic rock oeuvre is one of the last to get the mp3 treatment, Reuters reports. Led Zep will cave in to... More »

Apple Courts Studios for Rental Rights

At $3 a pop, 30-day movie loans will pit computer giant against cable, satellite

(Newser) - Apple is buttering up top movie studios as it prepares to launch a video-on-demand service to contend with cable and satellite companies. Apple plans to offer each movie as a 30-day rental for $2.99, and it's telling studios the term of lease means they won't take a hit on... More »

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