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Sarkozy's Party Trounced in Local Elections

French voice opposition to president's reforms

(Newser) - French voters delivered a stinging defeat to president Nicolas Sarkozy, voting against candidates from his Union for a Popular Movement in elections for regional councils. The Socialist/Green opposition coalition won 55% of the vote compared to UMP's 37%. "This is a real defeat for us" said Jean-François Copé... More »

EU Election Pounds Left

Low turnout across 27 nations leads to extremist gains

(Newser) - The center-right won a clear victory in this weekend's European parliament elections, while a record low turnout helped far-right and extremist groups make gains across the 27-nation bloc, the BBC reports. The ruling conservative parties in France, Germany and Italy performed well, while in Britain Labor came in a dismal... More »

Sarkozy Faces Confidence Vote Over Rejoining NATO

But French opposition unlikely to best president's party

(Newser) - Nicolas Sarkozy’s government must submit to a vote of confidence after the president announced his intention to have France rejoin NATO’s integrated military command, the BBC reports. Opposition politicians and some in Sarkozy’s UMP party say tightening NATO ties will threaten France’s independence. But Sarkozy says... More »

Sarko Junior Makes His Political Debut

Jean, 21, emerges as player in dad's old suburb of Neuilly

(Newser) - Before becoming France's hyper-president, Nicolas Sarkozy was mayor of chic Parisian suburb Neuilly-sur-Seine, the country's richest town. But only weeks before a mayoral election, his hand-picked successor has withdrawn from the race after losing a powerful supporter: Jean Sarkozy, the president's own 21-year-old son. Many are now wondering about the... More »

Sarkozy Preps for Landslide in Parliament

Projected majority for UMP could signal mandate for new Prez

(Newser) - More Paris news: Nicolas Sarkozy's UMP party is making a beeline towards a landslide in the French parliamentary election, according to first round polls. UMP could win at least 383 of 577 seats, meaning a serious mandate for Sarko to push through rightish economic reforms. But the election is anyone's... More »

5 Stories