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Behind J.Lo's Breakup: Fitness Obsession?

Sources say Jennifer Lopez won't talk about anything else

(Newser) - We knew things were not looking good between Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart, and last week the world discovered they are, in fact, over . But, though rumors have flown that the breakup had something to do with Smart's interest in transsexual models , sources tell Radar the truth is a... More »

J.Lo Made Boyfriend Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement

That's how you know it's true love

(Newser) - Nothing says romance like ... a non-disclosure agreement? Apparently so for Jennifer Lopez, who, sources say, made boyfriend Casper Smart sign one after just a few weeks of dating. After three marriages, J.Lo is "very savvy when it comes to business, but her love life is always filled with... More »

9 Celebs Dating Much Younger Men

In some cases, decades separate them

(Newser) - It's not just famous men who can have much younger lovers: The Frisky rounds up nine celebrity ladies in relationships with younger men:
  • When Sharon Stone was starring in Basic Instinct, her 30-years-younger guy Martin Mica was just ... six.
  • Madonna certainly seems to enjoy dating younger men. Her latest,
... More »

Why JLo's Boyfriend Can't Talk About JLo

He had to sign a confidentiality agreement, like all her staff

(Newser) - Don't expect JLo's 25-year-old boytoy to dish on their relationship. Like all her staff, Casper Smart has signed a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement, Radar reveals. He apparently signed it when he was indeed under her employ (he's a choreographer), but a source tells Radar, "Casper had absolutely no... More »

The Perks of Being JLo's Boyfriend

Jennifer Lopez snags reality show for Casper Smart

(Newser) - Being Jennifer Lopez's rebound boyfriend apparently comes with some perks. Among them: getting your own reality show. Lopez has sold a series based on Casper Smart, her much-younger boytoy and also a choreographer on her tour, to Oxygen. For those of you hoping to see some steamy action between... More »

18 Completely Insane Celeb Gifts

Jennifer Lopez buys Casper Smart a truck, and more

(Newser) - While your friends are all giving you $20 gift cards on your birthday, celebrities are giving each other $250,000 cars and entire vineyards. Celebuzz rounds up 18 of the most insane celebrity gifts ever given:
  • Jennifer Lopez: J.Lo is the latest, this weekend giving her 25-year-old new boyfriend,
... More »

J.Lo's Manager: Why Her Relationships Don't Work

Benny Medina weighs in on Jennifer Lopez's love life

(Newser) - The juiciest quotes in Vogue 's new Jennifer Lopez profile come not from Lopez herself, but from her longtime manager, business partner, and godfather of her twins, Benny Medina. "The thing that I always sort of wished is that she would give herself time to just naturally meet... More »

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