Oksana Makra

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Ukrainian Gang Rape Victim Dies

Oksana Makar succumbs to injuries from horrifying crime

(Newser) - Oksana Makar, the 18-year-old Ukrainian woman who was gang raped, nearly strangled, and set on fire, died today in the hospital, the Kyiv Post reports. Makar suffered burns on 55% of her body following the crime three weeks ago, and had had her feet and one of her arm amputated,... More »

Topless Protesters Target Ukraine Rapists

'Death for sadists' in brutal gang rape, says Femen group

(Newser) - Topless demonstrators scaled the Ukraine general prosecutor's office building to protest the handling of a case involving a gang-raped teenager who was dumped in a ditch and set aflame. "We want to scare men who think they can treat women like animals. We want to let the world... More »

2 Stories