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Topless Protester Grabs Trump Statue by the Crotch

Feminist in Spain shouted 'Grab patriarchy by the balls'

(Newser) - Organizers must be hoping that the inauguration of the real Donald Trump goes more smoothly than the inauguration of the wax one. The unveiling of the life-size statue at Madrid's wax museum descended into chaos Tuesday when a topless feminist protester pushed past security and grabbed the wax Donald'... More »

Anti-Gay Marriage Parisians Clash With Topless Activists

Catholic marchers attack counter-protesters

(Newser) - Clashes erupted in Paris yesterday when topless protesters from the Ukrainian group Femen challenged a Catholic-led march to oppose gay marriage. The activists were punched and pushed to the ground after chanting "In Gay We Trust" and spraying white powder from bottles, the AP reports. A law proposed by... More »

Topless Protesters Target Ukraine Rapists

'Death for sadists' in brutal gang rape, says Femen group

(Newser) - Topless demonstrators scaled the Ukraine general prosecutor's office building to protest the handling of a case involving a gang-raped teenager who was dumped in a ditch and set aflame. "We want to scare men who think they can treat women like animals. We want to let the world... More »

3 Stories