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NPR Frets Over David Sedaris' 'Realish' Stories

Mike Daisey episode prompts more exacting standards

(Newser) - The furor over Mike Daisey's semi-fabricated Foxconn story has NPR rethinking its content—even when it comes to comedy. Humorist David Sedaris' hugely popular stories are now in the spotlight for autobiographical material that he has described as "realish." Before the Daisey brouhaha, This American Life "... More »

Mike Daisey's Really Sorry —for Real This Time

Performer 'failed to honor the contract with audiences' in Apple exposé

(Newser) - Mike Daisey, the writer/performer at the heart of a controversy over the Apple exposé that proved riddled with what he later termed "theater," is now contrite for his fabrications, reports the LA Times . The man behind the one-man-show The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, apologized on... More »

No, Mike Daisey's Apple Lies Were Not OK

David Carr ties retracted story to 'propaganda'

(Newser) - After fabrications emerged in his This American Life story on Apple , Mike Daisey has defended himself by suggesting that his material was theater, not journalism. Host Ira Glass doesn't agree—and neither does David Carr. "Is it OK to lie on the way to telling a greater truth?"... More »

3 Stories