Jarno Smeets

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Bird Man: Yep, It's a Hoax

YouTube sensation 'fesses up on Dutch TV

(Newser) - Those CGI experts were right : The brief Bird Man phenomenon—in which we were enchanted by a guy flying with homemade wings —was a hoax. In fact, "Jarno Smeets" is actually named Floris Kaayk, and he says he's really a Dutch CGI artist, Gizmodo reports. He acknowledged... More »

So Who Is the 'Bird Man'?

Apparent scamster has fake resume

(Newser) - Oh-oh. The credentials of the supposedly flying "Bird Man" of Holland have flown the coop. "Jarno Smeets," who posted a wildly popular YouTube video apparently showing him flapping giant wings to take flight , posted credentials on Facebook and LinkedIn that don't check out. Film experts at... More »

Man Flies by Flapping Homemade Bird Wings

'Best feeling of my life,' says free-as-a-bird Jarno Smeets

(Newser) - For a few astounding moments, a Dutch engineer was as free as a bird —and flew like one, too. (Note: Some CGI experts think it's a hoax .) Calling it the "best feeling I have felt in my life," Jarno Smeets seemingly took to the air... More »

3 Stories