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Aliens or Bombs? Town Plagued by Mystery Booms

Geologist suspects the noise is reaching California all the way from Nevada

(Newser) - "You just hear these booms, they're very low, you know, you almost feel them." That's how one resident of Sonora, Calif., describes a resounding noise heard in the mountain town every summer weekday between 11am and 2pm, per the Inquisitr . What's going on? Well, no... More »

Wisconsin Town Figures Out Source of Mystery Booms

'Swarm of microquakes' apparently hit Clintonville

(Newser) - The mysterious booms heard in Clintonville, Wisconsin, had experts stumped—but there may be a simple explanation. "The mystery is solved. We have experienced an earthquake here in Clintonville," a city administrator explains. Geophysicists call it "swarm of microquakes," reports the Appleton Post-Crescent , and the administrator... More »

Wisconsin Town Pays to Find Cause of Weird Booms

Hopes an engineering firm can detect mysterious noises' epicenter

(Newser) - About 400 concerned and somewhat sleep-deprived residents of Clintonville, Wisconsin, showed up at a town meeting last night to discuss the mystery booms that have rattled the town three times this week. If they wanted answers, they both did and didn't get them. In the didn't category: Officials... More »

3 Stories