methane hydrate

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In a First, Japan Turns 'Fire Ice' Into Natural Gas

Underwater methane hydrates could be a huge energy find

(Newser) - The quest to mine frozen methane has taken a big step forward—Japanese officials say their researchers have, for the first time anywhere, extracted gas from an underwater deposit of methane hydrate, reports the BBC . (Methane hydrates are also known as "fire ice," notes the Washington Post .)... More »

Energy Companies Warming Up to Burning Ice

There could be enough methane hydrate deep undersea for 100 years

(Newser) - Could flammable ice be the next big energy boom? The ice in this case is not regular H2O, of course, but methane hydrate, a frozen form of methane gas and water that occurs naturally in undersea ice. Experts think there could be more than 43,000 trillion cubic feet of... More »

2 Stories