Deepsea Challenger

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James Cameron Donates Historic Sub to Researchers

Still, 'I'd like to go dive the sub again'

(Newser) - Science is getting an anniversary present from James Cameron. It's been a year since the director became the first person to reach the ocean's deepest spot alone. Now, he's giving the sub that made the Mariana Trench journey to the renowned Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts,... More »

James Cameron's Sub Sprung Leak

Director: I didn't find anything 'interesting'

(Newser) - James Cameron's trip to the world's deepest spot sounds a wee bit like something of a disappointment. The six hours he intended to spend at the bottom of the sea—filming and gathering geology samples—was cut in half when hydraulic fluid started leaking in his submersible.... More »

James Cameron Back From Planet's Deepest Spot

Complete first-ever solo dive 6.7 miles to Mariana Trench

(Newser) - James Cameron is back from a solo dive to the deepest place on earth , having spent three hours exploring the scene 35,756 feet below the ocean's surface, reports CNET . (To put things in perspective, Mount Everest is 29,029 feet tall.) To allow him to film and... More »

3 Stories