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Who Replaces Eric Holder?

Deval Patrick, Kamala Harris turning up on lots of lists

(Newser) - With Eric Holder leaving the post of attorney general, attention shifts to who will succeed the man President Obama today praised as "the people's lawyer." (Read Obama's full remarks here .) Whoever it is will surely face a bruising confirmation battle given Republicans' disdain of Holder,... More »

Arizona Immigration Law Headed to Supreme Court

Politically-charged case could echo in November

(Newser) - Just weeks ago, it was the ObamaCare tussle . Now the Supreme Court is moving on to another politically-charged, high-profile case: a battle over Arizona's controversial immigration law. The case centers on whether Arizona overstepped the boundaries of state power with aggressive police checks on suspected illegal immigrants. But "... More »

GOP Alters Court Audio for ObamaCare Attack Ad

Tampering with recording likely to irk justices

(Newser) - It's very rare for the Supreme Court to make same-day audio of its sessions available, and it may become even rarer thanks to some Republican shenanigans surrounding the soundtrack from the ObamaCare hearings. A new GOP web attack ad extends a brief pause in Solicitor General Donald Verrilli's... More »

For Lawyers, Health Case an Exhausting Marathon

Long arguments will require 'enormous endurance'

(Newser) - It's a big day in Washington as the Supreme Court prepares for the opening arguments over President Obama's health care law . Teams of lawyers on both sides have been deep in preparation, staging mock arguments that have nearly drained the city of attorneys up for playing the role... More »

4 Stories