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Google Won't Suggest 'Are Jews Evil' to Your Search Anymore

Search engine is working to remove offensive autocomplete results

(Newser) - Google will no longer offer a search suggestion for "are Jews evil" which directs users to anti-Semitic websites. The search engine says it has removed offensive autocomplete results initially spotted by Carole Cadwalladr at the Observer , reports the Guardian . Cadwalladr explained how Google suggested a search for "are... More »

How Google Reveals State Stereotypes

It's all about the autocomplete feature

(Newser) - Ever wondered what people really think of your state? Google can tell you: Just type in, "Why is (state name here) so..." and let autocomplete fill in the rest; that'll show you what others have been searching. Blogger Renee DiResta tried it for all 50 states, and... More »

Japan Court to Google: Switch Off AutoComplete

Man complained that results ruined his life

(Newser) - A Japanese court has ruled in favor of a man who blames Google's autocomplete search function for his failure to find a job. The court ordered the search engine to switch off the feature for the man's name after hearing that when it was typed in, results connecting... More »

3 Stories