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Top Berlusconi Ally Asks Him to Step Down

Italian prime minister holding on for dear life ahead of budget vote

(Newser) - The calls for Silvio Berlusconi’s head reached a fever pitch today, when Umberto Bossi, Berlusconi’s closest coalition ally, joined the chorus. “We asked the prime minister to stand down,” Bossi told reporters, in what Reuters thinks could be the decisive blow. Berlusconi faces a critical budget... More »

Berlusconi Narrowly Survives Confidence Vote

Thin margin of success leaves questions about effectiveness

(Newser) - Silvio Berlusconi squeaked through a confidence vote in the Italian parliament today, but the agonizingly close 316-301 vote didn’t exactly inspire, well, confidence. Berlusconi’s majority is so slim that it effectively cannot pass legislation, the New York Times reports, and analysts say that the slightest bump in the... More »

Berlusconi Wins Confidence Vote

But faces unrest in his coalition over poll losses, Libya

(Newser) - Silvio Berlusconi won a confidence vote today, his first test in parliament following two recent stinging electoral defeats and demands by his key coalition partner for an end to Italy's involvement in the Libya military campaign. Berlusconi's forces won a vote on a development law 317-293 in the... More »

Riots Erupt in Rome After Berlusconi Victory

Ninety people injured in violent confrontations

(Newser) - Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Rome today after Silvio Berlusconi narrowly survived a no-confidence vote, causing havoc that resulted in injuries to 50 police officers and 40 protesters. Demonstrators set fire to cars, upended garbage bins, and threw rocks, signaling the public's growing disdain for their scandal-plagued... More »

Berlusconi Survives No-Confidence Vote

But barely; shakeup likely coming

(Newser) - Silvio Berlusconi survived no-confidence votes today, coasting comfortably through the Italian Senate, but barely escaping the House vote with his political career intact, reports the Wall Street Journal. The narrowness of the 314-311 House vote underscores how compromised the Italian PM's grasp on power has become. More »

Gordon Brown Survives Secret Ballot Coup Attempt

Opposition calls for an immediate general election

(Newser) - Gordon Brown narrowly dodged the latest attempt to unseat him yesterday, after two senior members of his party called for a secret ballot on his leadership. Brown came out on top in the vote, but looked weakened, with several members of his cabinet offering only belated, tepid statements of support.... More »

US Olympics Chief Will Step Down

Streeter's decision follows Chicago bid, no-confidence vote

(Newser) - With the sting of Chicago's loss still fresh, the acting chief of the US Olympic Committee has decided to step down before being pushed out. Stephanie Streeter said today she will not seek the job on a permanent basis and will leave by March. The decision comes five days after... More »

RNC Runner-Up Plots to Unseat Steele: Source

Dawson said to be organizing no confidence vote for after NY election

(Newser) - Controversial Republican National Committee head Michael Steele will likely face a no-confidence vote after the election to replace former New York Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand March 31—whether or not the GOP is able to keep her seat, Republican sources tell Political Wire. Katon Dawson, who placed second in January's vote... More »

Canadian PM Buys Time With Parliament Shutdown

Opposition had been gearing up to replace Harper's Conservative government

(Newser) - Prime Minister Stephen Harper got permission today to close Canada’s Parliament until Jan. 26, avoiding a vote next week that would likely have forced him from power, the Globe and Mail reports. Harper’s Conservative government is under fire from a liberal coalition over inaction on the economic crisis.... More »

Under Fire, Japan's PM Won't Bow to Election Calls

Body's censure of Fukuda a post-war first

(Newser) - Japan's prime minister suffered a humiliating blow today in a no-confidence motion passed by the upper house of the country's legislature—a post-war first, the BBC reports. Although the measure isn't politically binding, it's the latest step by the opposition to force Yasuo Fukuda to call new elections, a call... More »

Haitian Senate Sacks Prime Minister

Food riots spark ouster of president's close ally

(Newser) - Amid skyrocketing food prices and deadly riots in Haiti, the country's senate has voted to oust Prime Minister Jacques-Edouard Alexis. President Rene Preval, who appointed his ally Alexis in 2006 to lead the country's coalition government, must now choose a new cabinet. The vote came in spite of a recently... More »

Vote on AG Derails in Senate

Legislative maneuver comes up 7 votes short

(Newser) - A no-confidence vote on Alberto Gonzales failed to get out of the Senate today when a procedural vote to cut off debate failed by seven votes. Both sides proclaimed partial victory: Republicans had blasted the vote as a stunt, but Democrats lured seven GOP senators across party lines to support... More »

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