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FDA OKs Shot to Zap Your Double Chin

Kybella injections said to be noninvasive, can be performed in 5 minutes

(Newser) - About 70% of participants in a 2014 survey by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery about cosmetic procedures pointed fingers at chin and neck fat as a "top concern," per the Washington Post . But a drug just approved by the FDA looks to banish double chins, ABC News... More »

Injection to Fix Double Chin May Be Available Soon

FDA advisory panel gives it the green light

(Newser) - A biotech company thinks it has the answer to double chins—an injection, of course. An FDA advisory panel has cleared a treatment from Kythera Pharmaceuticals called ATX-101, reports the Wall Street Journal . If the FDA goes along with the recommendation, as it usually does, the injections could win final... More »

Quaker Oats Mascot Loses His Double Chin

Gets about 5 pounds shaved off him as part of brand makeover

(Newser) - Larry, the Quaker Oats mascot who has graced the box of oatmeal you've stared at for decades, is magically losing what many wish they could erase in old age: his double chin. Yes, a skinnier, younger-looking Quaker now graces the brand's products, part of a makeover designed to... More »

3 Stories