North Korea prison camps

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North Korea Still Expanding Its Labor Camps: Reports

Satellite images show 'abuse on an industrial scale'

(Newser) - A 2014 UN report accusing Kim Jong Un of crimes against humanity through forced labor camps apparently did nothing to deter him. In fact, North Korea has increased and expanded its camps in the years since, according to satellite images included in a Committee for Human Rights in North Korea... More »

Hundreds Related to Kim's Uncle Arrested

South Korean official doubts 'power struggle' led to execution

(Newser) - Authorities have rounded up hundreds of relatives of Kim Jong Un's recently executed uncle and ferried them to prison camps, according to a report out of Seoul. The night after Jang Song Thaek was executed, "armed men from the Ministry of State Security arrived unannounced in the Pyongchon... More »

Inmates Dug Own Graves in North Korea: Ex-Guard

And one prison is expanding, per new Amnesty International report

(Newser) - More horrific tales have emerged from North Korea via a new Amnesty International report that indicates the country's prison camps are expanding. Satellite images from May of this year indicate one of the largest sites, camp 15, features new housing blocks and production facilities; a review of images... More »

UN Details 'Unspeakable Atrocities' in North Korea

Inquiry chief urges world to take action against human rights abuses

(Newser) - With the world's attention currently focused on human rights abuses in Syria, the results of a UN inquiry is set to pull North Korea back into the spotlight, via a new report detailing the country's "systematic, widespread, and grave violations of human rights." The report is... More »

N. Korea Guards Forced Woman to Drown Her Baby

Defectors tell their stories to UN panel

(Newser) - What's new are not the stories but the audience: Two North Korean defectors yesterday shared wrenching stories with the first UN panel assembled for the purpose of looking into human-rights violations in the country, reports the New York Times . The Commission of Inquiry's three members will spend a... More »

American Prisoner in N. Korea Appears in Video

Kenneth Bae asks US to do more to secure his release

(Newser) - Despite the best diplomatic efforts of Dennis Rodman, American Kenneth Bae remains in a North Korea prison camp, where he is serving 15 years for "hostile acts to bring down its government." In a new video from inside the prison, a thinner Bae, wearing a dirty prison uniform,... More »

UN to Finally Probe N. Korea's Secret Gulags

Prison camps could amount to crimes against humanity: official

(Newser) - The UN Human Rights Council has unanimously agreed to launch its first-ever investigation of human rights abuses in North Korea. An investigator urged a focus on prison camps , which "could qualify as crimes against humanity," he said. "These are camps which have the purpose of driving the... More »

North Korea Expanding Secret Gulag: Photos

Experts divided over meaning of Camp 25's purported expansion

(Newser) - North Korea's economy may not be growing, but one of its prison camps sure seems to be. New satellite photos show that Camp 25, thought to house about 5,000 of the 200,000 people believed to be held in North Korea's gulags, has grown steadily over the... More »

New on Google Maps: North Korea

Google rolls out update made without help from Pyongyang

(Newser) - Google Maps users can now get a much more detailed look at the land of gulags, secret nuclear sites, and, according to some reports, cannibalism . North Korea once appeared as almost a total blank on Google, but a new map being rolled out today shows details including streets, landmarks, and... More »

UN Honcho: We Must Investigate North Korea

Navi Pillay: Nuke worries overshadowing human-rights crisis

(Newser) - As the world keeps a vigilant eye on North Korea's nuclear program, the country's long list of human rights violations continue to slip under the radar, charges the United Nation's human rights head. The offenses, which have shown no sign of abating under Kim Jong Un, have... More »

Report Reveals Horrors of North Korea Prison Camps

Survivors describe starvation, torture

(Newser) - A South Korean human rights group has released the most detailed report yet on the horrific conditions in North Korea's labor camps, which are believed to hold up to 200,000 political prisoners. The report, based on interviews with hundreds of survivors who escaped to the South, tells of... More »

North Korean Gulag Survivor Tells His Tale

Book recounts his sending his own mother and brother to execution

(Newser) - Born in North Korea's largest and most infamous internment camp, Shin In Geun was raised behind electrified, barbed-wire fences in some of the most horrid conditions imaginable—constantly malnourished, beaten regularly, and forced to endure backbreaking labor every day. When Shin was just 13, he ratted out his older... More »

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