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Paper: Advanced Civilizations May Be Stealing Starlight

Chicago professor Dan Hooper says it makes perfect sense

(Newser) - Watch out for stars moving across galaxies or losing power—it could be aliens gathering energy before the lights go out. Dan Hooper, an astronomy and astrophysics professor at the University of Chicago, posted a paper in the preprint journal arXiv.org arguing that aliens in far-off galaxies may be... More »

Universe Expanding Faster Than Thought

Surprise finding suggests Einstein was a little off

(Newser) - New calculations in the cosmos have revealed a surprise: The universe appears to be expanding faster than anyone thought. Using the Hubble Space Telescope, scientists measured the distance to stars in 19 galaxies and concluded that the universe is growing 5% to 9% quicker than expected, the researchers say in... More »

This Is the Farthest Galaxy Ever Spotted, Astronomers Say

They've discovered a galaxy from a time when the universe was just a 'toddler'

(Newser) - Astronomers say they have discovered a hot, star-popping galaxy that is far, far away—farther than any previously detected, from a time when the universe was a mere toddler of about 400 million years old. By employing a different technique—one that has raised some skepticism—a team of astronomers... More »

How Astronomers Confirmed the Universe Is Dying

First, you need some really big telescopes

(Newser) - How does one confirm that the universe is slowly dying? For starters, you use "as many space and ground-based telescopes as we could get our hands on." That according to Simon Driver, a principal investigator with the Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) project. Driver explains that the group... More »

Astonishing NASA Image Captures Color of 10K Galaxies

Hubble shot spans light spectrum, took 841 orbits to create

(Newser) - Thousands of galaxies of all ages, shapes, and colors can be seen in a stunning new image from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. Some of the oldest galaxies visible appear as light from nearly 12 billion years ago, almost as old as the universe, but NASA says the most exciting... More »

Amazing Simulation Shows How Universe Formed

'Dark matter' helps create accurate model, researchers say

(Newser) - It's like "flying through the universe way faster than the speed of light and watching galaxies as they are assembling," says one of the researchers who has created a stunning visual simulation of how the universe formed. The "Illlustris" model created by an international team of... More »

Scientists Make Key Big Bang Discovery

Researchers detect gravitational waves for the first time

(Newser) - A dizzying scientific achievement: Astronomers have gotten a look back at what one scientist calls "the beginning of time ... the universe at the very beginning." That is, they've detected gravitational waves that could be the first direct evidence that within a fraction of a trillionth of a... More »

All the Universe Is ... Just a Hologram?

New physics research might prove Maldacena's hologram theory

(Newser) - Prepare for a head trip: The universe may actually be a hologram and everything you see an illusion, according to new research that could prove gravity comes from thin, vibrating strings—holograms of events in a simpler, flatter cosmos. It was an idea first put forth by physicist Juan Maldacena... More »

Universe 80M Years Older Than We Thought

Scientists get most accurate look yet at Big Bang-era radiation

(Newser) - The universe has been around just a bit longer than we've given it credit for. Scientists today unveiled the most accurate data ever recorded from the radiation left over from the milliseconds after the Big Bang, revealing that the universe is roughly 80 million years older than advertised, Science... More »

'Tiny Bubble' May Gobble Up the Universe

Higgs boson finding supports theory of 'vacuum instability'

(Newser) - Thanks, Higgs boson: Looks like the particle's tiny mass is proof that the universe will one day be vacuumed up and replaced by another universe, the BBC reports. That is, if the Large Hadron collider really has spotted the Higgs boson . Calling their discovery "Higgs-like" for now, physicists... More »

Scientists Glimpse Universe's First Stars

The glow is almost as old as time itself

(Newser) - Star light, star bright, the first stars have actually been glimpsed—or at least their light has, reports Space.com . Astronomers in California studied massive black holes, called blazars, that give off huge amounts of light while swallowing up matter—and were able to separate out a glow from what... More »

Big Find: Dark Matter Strand Connecting Galaxy Clusters

Find confirms theories on universe's formation

(Newser) - This is shaping up to be one hell of a week for scientists trying to figure out the mysteries of the universe. Hot on the heels of the apparent Higgs boson discovery , an international team of astrophysicists has revealed that it has spotted a filament of dark matter connecting two... More »

Neutrons Jump Into Mirror Universe: Scientists

Magnetic field seems to induce particle vanishings

(Newser) - A universe right next door may be stealing our neutrons, or at least giving them quickie vacations, Science Daily reports. A pair of theoretical physicists in Italy came to this conclusion after analyzing the "loss rate" of certain neutrons in a French experiment. The vanishings seemed to depend on... More »

Scientists Developing GPS for the Galaxy

X-rays from dead stars could provide location in space within 3 miles

(Newser) - A GPS in a car can precisely navigate a city, but what if a GPS in a spaceship could precisely navigate our galaxy? German scientists are developing that very gadgetry, reports the BBC . This interstellar mapping system would use X-ray signals from pulsars, a type of dead star that rotates... More »

Experiment Proves Einstein Right About Universe

It's expanding just how he said it should

(Newser) - A new experiment has proven another of Einstein's theories to be right on the money. Einstein's general theory of relativity predicts the speed at which galaxies move toward each other and the rate at which the universe is expanding. A team of cosmologists recently measured a slice of... More »

Dark Matter Map Unveils Cosmic Mystery

Data from Hubble telescope reaches back billions of years

(Newser) - Invisible matter may be holding us all together after all. Researchers have unveiled the biggest-ever map of dark matter in the universe, which shows large clumps and wispy filaments of the stuff nestling galaxies like jewels, the BBC and Space.com report. "We've seen the first glimpse of... More »

Scientists Spot Gas Clouds That Seeded All Life

Early formation created stars that led to our own

(Newser) - Astronomers have caught a first-ever glimpse of gas clouds as they existed just a few minutes after the big bang, the Los Angeles Time s reports. These clouds—long gone by now, but still visible to us—contain lighter elements like hydrogen and helium, which condensed into stars during the... More »

3 Americans Win Nobel for Finding Expanding Universe

Americans independently made same discovery

(Newser) - The universe isn't just expanding, it's expanding faster every day. Three American scientists who made that discovery have won the Nobel Prize in Physics today for their efforts, the AP reports. The men were split between two competing research teams during the 1990s, with Saul Perlmutter on one... More »

Giant Camera Will Seek Out Dark Energy

570 megapixel camera can see 7 billion years into past

(Newser) - So you think the 5.0 megapixel camera on your iPhone is pretty cool? Try 570 megapixels. That's the resolution on a new Dark Energy Camera being built by Fermilab just outside of Chicago, reports NPR . Comprised of 74 lenses up to three feet across, the Dark Energy Camera... More »

Scientists Spot Signs of 'Shadow' Universes

Space telescope testing 'multiverse' theory

(Newser) - Scientists who believe our universe is just one of many have found a way to put their theory to the test. The "multiverse" theory holds that our universe is in a bubble of space and time drifting in a sea of other "bubble universes." Cosmologists say that... More »

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