Mirlande Wilson

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Mega Millions 'Winner': I Lost Ticket

But Mirlande Wilson doesn't seem too concerned about finding it

(Newser) - You knew this was coming: Mirlande Wilson , who first claimed she won the Mega Millions lottery separately from her pool of co-workers, then said she hid the winning ticket at the McDonald's where they all work, now says she's lost the ticket. "I have no idea where... More »

Mega Millions 'Winner' Has Press Conference...

At which she tells press to 'go home'

(Newser) - Just when you thought the story of Mirlande Wilson , the Baltimore woman who may or may not have a winning Mega Millions ticket, couldn't get any more bizarre … she goes and holds a press conference to which she shows up late, spends most of the time toying with... More »

Mega Millions 'Winner': I Hid Ticket ... at McDonald's

Mirlande Wilson still insists she bought ticket on her own

(Newser) - The weird story of Maryland's supposed Mega Millions winner gets weirder: Now Mirlande Wilson, the McDonald's employee who said she wouldn't share the winnings with her lottery pool because she bought the ticket separately from her co-workers, claims to have hidden the winning ticket—logically, at the... More »

Maryland Woman: I Won Mega Millions

...and says $105M ticket wasn't part of co-workers' lotto pool

(Newser) - Not even three days have passed since the Mega Millions drawing , and already one supposed winner is embroiled in controversy: Mirlande Wilson claims she has a winning ticket, but won't split her $105 million share of the jackpot with the co-workers in her lottery pool. Wilson, 37, claims she... More »

4 Stories