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The Chinese Are Much Freer Than We Think

Government 'incompetence' means greater freedoms, writes Ian Mills

(Newser) - Westerners worry that China is a “politically repressive, secretive new superpower," but in fact, it’s hardly as restrictive as many believe—thanks, in large part, to government “corruption and incompetence.” Before we engage with “the China threat,” we need to understand how the... More »

Zimbabwe Central Bank Stole Cash to Stay Solvent

Governor admits pilfering private accounts to keep ministries running

(Newser) - Zimbabwe's central bank governor admits he took money from bank accounts of private businesses and foreign aid groups without permission to keep the country's cash-strapped ministries running. Gideon Gono said today he loaned money from the private hard-currency accounts to the government. He says the accounts will be reimbursed when... More »

Army Battles Officer Shortage

Early promotions are used to fill gaps, in violation of regulations

(Newser) - The War in Iraq has left the Army so short of good officer material that the Pentagon is doling out promotions to unqualified soldiers, according to the Boston Globe. In 2006, the Army promoted thousands of soldiers ahead of schedule and against regulations to fill the void left by exhausted... More »

3 Stories