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National Review Fires Columnist for Anti-Black Screed

'Indefensible' column means 'there has to be parting of the ways'

(Newser) - John Derbyshire, the conservative columnist who set off a firestorm of outrage over his advice for white and Asian parents to protect their children from black people , was fired yesterday from the National Review, reports Politico . While calling "Derb" a "deeply literate, funny, and incisive writer," National ... More »

White Columnist: Be Smart, Avoid Black People

John Derbyshire's column triggers Internet outrage

(Newser) - Conservative columnist John Derbyshire has unleashed a fury of criticism from both the left and right over advice he dispenses in Taki's Magazine to white and Asian parents. It's a list of things they should tell their kids to keep them safe from black people, or what he... More »

2 Stories