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Colombian Rebels Kill Governor

Kidnap victim Cuellar found with throat cut

(Newser) - A Colombian provincial governor snatched from his home Monday has been found dumped dead on a country road. Police believe leftist guerrillas cut Luis Francisco Cuellar's throat as they fled from security forces. Rebels dressed in military uniforms killed one policeman and wounded two others when they seized Cuellar from... More »

In Afghan War, Human Rights an 'Operational Problem'

(Newser) - Guerrilla warfare is not, historically, a nice business. One Guatemalan general once described it as a protection racket, according to Christopher Dickey of Newsweek. You send a clear message: “We can protect you from the guerrillas, but the guerrillas cannot protect you from us—and you’ve got to... More »

Colombia Offers Swap: Hostages for Prisoners

FARC must release ailing Betancourt for deal to go through

(Newser) - After more than 6 years in captivity, Colombian hostage Ingrid Betancourt will go free if FARC agrees to a deal Alvaro Uribe signed off on last night, the Guardian reports. The Colombian president issued a decree saying the country will release imprisoned rebel fighters in exchange for Betancourt, a onetime... More »

Thousands Protest Colombia Rebels

Movement harnesses Facebook in mass rally

(Newser) - In a mammoth Facebook-inspired protest, as many as 2 million demonstrators flooded the streets of Bogota yesterday, and thousands more marched in other parts of Colombia and nearly 100 cities worldwide as people called for an end to Colombia's guerrilla group FARC. "No more kidnapping, no more lies, no... More »

Iran Attacks Kurdish Villages in Northern Iraq

Revolutionary Guard shells moutain settlements

(Newser) - Iran's Revolutionary Guard, which the Bush administration is about to declare a terrorist organization, have been shelling mountain villages in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq for several days. The fighting near the border involves thousands of Guards and guerrillas of the Kurdistan Free Life Party, which is  stepping up... More »

Turks, Kurds in Tense Standoff at Iraqi Border

Both sides want US support in dispute over separatist insurgents

(Newser) - As the Turkish military continued its aggressive saber-rattling along the border with Iraq this week, the US finds itself in a tough spot. The Turks want a green light to go after Kurdish separatist guerrillas hiding in northern Iraq; the Kurds want protection. “Now the U.S. has to... More »

Turkey Menaces Kurds

Buildup along border makes U.S., Iraq nervous

(Newser) - Turkish troops and tanks amassing along the border with Iraq are ready to go after Kurdish separatist guerrillas as soon as they get the order, the country's top general said yesterday. The US, Iraq and the EU are all urging Turkey not to launch the offensive, which could destabilize Northern... More »

Turks threaten action in Iraq against Kurds

U.S. scrambling to head off strikes that could derail effectiveness of surge

(Newser) - Turkey is threatening military intervention against leftist Kurdish guerrillas said to be massing in northern Iraq, planning to attack targets across their border. Washington is trying to placate the Turks, fearing that a Turkish incursion would further destabilize the fledgling Iraqi government. More »

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