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Hey, Buddy, Wanna Buy Stock in a Football Player?

We're back in an era of crazy investments: Kevin Roose

(Newser) - Hang on to your wallets, folks, because "the age of bull---- investments is back," declares Kevin Roose at New York . The collapse of 2008 put a damper on things, but today the financial world is filled with crazy schemes and iffy start-ups designed to separate suckers from their... More »

Obama Just Legalized Fraud

Matt Taibbi on why the JOBS Act 'couldn't suck worse'

(Newser) - Did you enjoy the dot-com bubble? Well, expect a replay on an even bigger scale, because last week President Obama signed a bill that, according to Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone , "will very nearly legalize fraud in the stock market." The JOBS Act is ostensibly designed to make... More »

2 Stories