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No Medal for Romney Horse

Rafalca doesn't qualify for next round

(Newser) - The Romneys won't be Olympic champs: Ann Romney's horse Rafalca failed to advance today to the medal round in equestrian dressage. Still, "it was wonderful," says the candidate's wife. "She was elegant and consistent again." This might have a tangible effect in the... More »

Ann Romney's Horse Olympics-Bound?

Jan Ebeling, Rafalca just need to stay in top 3

(Newser) - It looks like the Romneys have a shot at Election 2012 and London 2012: Rafalca, the dressage horse that Ann Romney co-owns with trainer Jan Ebeling, is currently sitting in third place at the United States Equestrian Federation National Dressage Championships, reports ABC News . If Ebeling and Rafalca are able... More »

Elite Horse Sport Offers Peek Into Romney's World

But Ann's sale of $100K horse led to lawsuit

(Newser) - Welcome to the leisure world of Ann Romney, where $100,000 horses make pirouettes and she makes headway into the elite world of an equestrian sport known as dressage, the New York Times reports. Her connection: Jan Ebeling, a German dressage rider who also tutors Ann in horseback riding. "... More »

Mitt Gushes About Wife's 'Warmblood' Horses

Did he put hoof in mouth with another wealth gaffe?

(Newser) - A new/old potential wealth gaffe from the mouth of Mitt Romney. The GOP candidate apparently gushed about his wife's much-deserved time off the campaign trail spent riding her "Austrian warmblood" horses (though he prefers his own "Missouri foxtrotter"); each costs as much as a pricey sports... More »

4 Stories