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What in the World Got Built Beneath the White House?

First phase of the 'big dig' is over, but West Wing looks the same

(Newser) - Two years and $86 million later, a major White House construction project is over—but nothing, at least that we can see, appears to have changed, and an aura of mystery surrounds the proceedings, the AP reports. The "Big Dig," officially meant to upgrade aging utilities at the... More »

Probe Uncovers $30M in Unreported GSA Bonuses

While another finds more 'questionable conferences'

(Newser) - A Washington-area TV station has uncovered $30 million in bonuses paid out in 2011 that the GSA neglected to mention in an earlier Freedom of Information Act request looking into its finances. In the May report, the Office of Personnel Management listed the GSA as paying a hair more than... More »

GSA Bash Organizer Steps Down

Jeff Neely had 'swagger' like Jack Abramoff: congressman

(Newser) - The General Services Administration official who organized that extravagant and much-derided Las Vegas conference has left his post. Jeff Neely was acting regional commissioner when the $800,000 conference occurred; after an investigation, he was placed on administrative leave in April. The GSA is continuing to pursue "all available... More »

It's Not Just Waste: Fraud Rampant at GSA

It clawed back $376M last year

(Newser) - The General Services Administration's Vegas shindig was just the tip of the iceberg. The GSA is so loaded with cash that it's a magnet for fraud and abuse, the Los Angeles Times reports. From October 2010 to September 2011 alone, the agency prosecuted 64 cases in which people... More »

Taxpayers Footed Travel Bill for GSA Honcho's Wife

Deborah Neely was apparently very good at spending government money

(Newser) - Tales of the General Services Administration's lavish overspending just keep coming. The latest? Turns out Deborah Neely, wife of GSA boss Jeff Neely (the guy who pleaded the Fifth at a House hearing Monday) came along on some of his "work" trips—at taxpayers' expense. Of course, she... More »

GSA Officials Did 1 Hour of Work on 7-Day Hawaii Trip

Flew out on a Saturday, returned on Friday to attend ribbon-cutting

(Newser) - The General Services Administration is truly the gift that keeps on giving , at least for those who love tales of government malfeasance. Rep. John Mica yesterday revealed another juicy tidbit born from the probe into the agency, reports The Hill . A number of GSA officials traveled to Hawaii on a... More »

6 Stories