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'Crabs' Now Endangered Thanks to Bikini Waxing

Brazilian waxes, in particular, destroy the habitat of pubic lice

(Newser) - Will we soon see a "Save the Pubic Lice" campaign? The groin-dwelling insects, more commonly known as "crabs" because of their shape, are now basically an endangered species—and doctors think the popularity of bikini waxing may be to blame (er, thank). In Australia, no women have been... More »

New Trend for Guys: the 'Boyzilian'

More men getting bikini waxes: NYT

(Newser) - Women have the Brazilian, and now men have the Boyzilian: That's what one New York spa calls its bikini wax for men, a service that's growing in popularity. And not just with a certain subset of men, either: "It’s the gay community, it’s the straight... More »

2 Stories