Jolly Ranchers

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Cops Arrest 3, Mistake Jolly Ranchers for Meth

New York City now paying $33K to the trio in a settlement

(Newser) - Three Brooklyn men left a candy store in Coney Island last year with Jolly Rancher candies in their pockets. Two police officers who claimed to have been tipped by an undercover cop promptly handcuffed the men, saying they'd been seen selling crystal meth. A later NYPD lab test determined... More »

Cops Bust Men for Possessing ... Jolly Ranchers

Thought they were crystal meth

(Newser) - A man in New York is now suing the New York Police Department after officers arrested him and his friend back in June—thinking they were carrying crystal meth. The trouble is, that meth was actually just Jolly Ranchers. Newsy reports: More »

Inside Jail With Zimmerman: Jolly Ranchers, No TV

Plus: Protesters boycott firms with 'Stand Your Ground' ties

(Newser) - George Zimmerman is being held in a Sanford jail until he posts bail, and the Orlando Sentinel gives an inside look at his conditions. He's under protective "administrative confinement" thanks to the level of media attention on his case. He doesn't get to watch TV or use... More »

3 Stories