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No Release for Seized UN Monitors

Their release had been expected today

(Newser) - The Philippine government was under the impression that Syrian rebels would release 21 UN monitors today—but that hasn't happened, it says. Officials say the rebels maintain that they won't release the monitors until Syrian government forces exit the Jamlah area, near the Golan Heights. "I don'... More »

UN Calls Off Syria Observer Mission

As Human Rights Watch reports new massacre

(Newser) - The UN will allow its observer mission in Syria to expire Sunday, even as reports of extreme violence continue to pour in. A government airstrike on a rebel-held town killed more than 40 people and injured at least 100 more, Human Rights Watch reported today, and that wasn't the... More »

Entering Syria From Iraq: al-Qaeda

Meanwhile, UN monitors remain glum about their prospects there

(Newser) - Syria is being flooded by al-Qaeda fighters crossing in from Iraq "to help, to liaise, to carry out terrorist attacks," according to "solid information and intelligence" obtained by the Iraqi government, reports Reuters . Further, Iraq's foreign minister today noted that the warning about the al-Qaeda flow... More »

UN on Syria: It's a Civil War

'This is really becoming large scale,' peacekeeping chief says

(Newser) - The situation in Syria has officially descended into a full-blown civil war, the UN's peacekeeping chief said today. "Yes, I think we can say that," Herve Ladsous told Reuters , explaining that the opposition has claimed "large chunks of territory in several cities," and that regime... More »

Syrian Military Doubles Down

Reinforcements arrive, as international community looks for answers

(Newser) - Shells exploded and gunfire rang through the streets in several Syrian neighborhoods today, and security forces raided homes in Damascus, opposition groups said. Far from withdrawing, as required under the supposed ceasefire, security forces sent reinforcements, the group said. At least nine people were killed, including a child in the... More »

UN Monitors Arrive as Syria Shells Homs

'Ceasefire,' Syria style

(Newser) - The first UN monitors have arrived in Syria just as the promised ceasefire appears to be going up in smoke with the government's shelling of Homs. Some 25 were killed in attacks yesterday, reports the BBC . Six UN observers have arrived in Damascus. The remaining 25 are expected to... More »

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