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Introducing: A $20 Bike Made of Cardboard

Inventor hopes to have it in mass production soon

(Newser) - It's a pretty nifty idea assuming it all comes together: An Israeli inventor has made a bicycle almost entirely out of cardboard and hopes to have it in mass production in months, reports Reuters . Izhar Gafni swears his $20 bike is uber-durable, thanks to a treatment of organic materials... More »

New Zealand Building $4.1M Cathedral ... From Cardboard

Will be 82-feet high and seat 700

(Newser) - A cathedral made from cardboard. The idea may sound flimsy, but in the earthquake -devastated city of Christchurch, Anglican leaders believe it will deliver both a temporary solution and a statement about the city's recovery. Albeit a pricey one: The plans call for an 82-foot high cathedral constructed with... More »

2 Stories