soil contamination

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Dartmouth Ponies Up $8.4M Over Lab Animal Dumping Ground

School cleaning up land after pollution found in neighbors' groundwater

(Newser) - Neighbors of property where for years Dartmouth College disposed of mice and other small animals used in science experiments say they fear pollution has contaminated their groundwater. The site has contaminated the water of at least one family, Richard and Debbie Higgins, who blame a variety of health problems on... More »

Ind. Residents: We Were Poisoned for Years

Complex soil tainted by lead, arsenic

(Newser) - Residents of the West Calumet Housing Complex in East Chicago, Ind., remember having "mud fights" as kids, per the Guardian . Today, the once-happy memory haunts them. The EPA recently revealed that the top six inches of soil surrounding the complex—built atop a former smelting operation—contains 30 times... More »

Your Home May Sit on Lead-Poisoned Soil

...and the EPA and government regulators know it: USA Today

(Newser) - The ground your home is sitting on could very well be harming you. A 14-month USA Today investigation revealed that the health of thousands of families could be in jeopardy due to potentially hazardous levels of lead in the soil—a possibility government regulators were told of more than a... More »

3 Stories